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Managing your precious metals is complicated, but we make it simple by providing an easy and intuitive user interface and all the metrics and statistics that keep you on top of your precious metals portfolio.

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Easy to Use

Intuitive UI that allows you to create orders and precious metal items in a few taps. Voilá! Nice and simple.

Confidential and Secure Portfolio

The data is stored in an encrypted form on your device and cannot be read from or written to while the device is locked or booting.

+300 preset coins

Select from more than 300 preset coins. Explore our extensive catalog of gold, silver, and platinum coins, each accompanied by its weight and fineness.

Inventory View

Search and filter to efficiently browse your precious metals portfolio.

Keep track of your sales

Add sales and find out how much you are making or losing.


Powerful metrics to know how well your precious metals portfolio is doing.

Export/Import All Your Data

Export to CSV and JSON and import from JSON.

Face ID & Touch ID support

Have an extra layer of protection by enabling face ID or Touch ID.

Dark Mode Optimized

Take a look at your portfolio in bed without keeping your partner awake or in the cinema without disturbing other people.

Faster than the speed of light

Native iOS app with performance optimizations.

iCloud Sync

Your data will be stored in your iCloud account. You can disable this at any time from your settings.

Fast Live Spot and Dealer Offer Prices

Live gold, silver, platinum & palladium spot prices and dealer reference prices. Supported currencies are USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF, DDK, INR, JPY & MXN.

Monthly and Annual Subscription Plans

Monthly and annual auto renewing subscription plans.